Custom Airplane Models

Looking for a Custom Aircraft?

The Model Airplane can create your own custom aircraft to your specifications, whether a real life treasured airplane, or a fantasy airline.

With your photographs and our factory's blueprints, our artists will meticulously create your airplane into an amazingly detailed desktop replica for you to display in your office or home. Each model is hand-carved from solid mahogany and completely hand-painted to match your aircraft’s exact type, paint scheme and registration number.

Our team, comprised of civilian and military pilots, oversees the entire production process and dispatch. Each inspector will assure uncompromising standards at each stage, from the moment the the airplane is carved, until the beautifully painted model is packed into its box for dispatch. Our personalized models are the finest available anywhere. We back our confidence with a full money back guarantee.

How do I order?

First, contact us via email airplane@themodelairplane.com with your design or photographs. We will respond with your requirements and detailed dates of construction and dispatch. We will also step you through the process for payment.

All our models can also have custom seals placed on the desktop stand - at no extra cost!

Examples of Custom Airplane Models

Whether you require a desktop model of your airline, your own general aviation plane or a fantasy airline, we can create it. Our latest aircraft creations are below:

The customer sent us a .jpg created in Adobe Photoshop for a Boeing 777-200:

custom airplane model


Using the Photoshop picture, we created a top, front, back and bottom view of the aircraft. At the request of the customer, the Boeing 777-200 was adjusted to a Boeing 777-300. Once approved, we started carving the aircraft. The aircraft was dispatched within 4 weeks of receiving the approval:


custom model airplane

Using our artists amazing skills, the detail of the tail is shown here:


custom model airplane


Please contact airplane@themodelairplane.com for further information.