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Top 3 Reasons to purchase for TheModelAirplane.com:

1. Availability - all our stock displayed is available to be dispatched within 24 hours of receiving payment. If stock is not available, it is not displayed on this website. Therefore, we can guarantee that you will receive your goods with in days, not weeks, and perhaps months as you may experience elsewhere.

2. Quality - we are proud of the artist's work, and therefore back the product with a 30 day guarantee. Your goods are inspected at the factory level by an experienced pilot. Our office is full of aviation enthusiasts and we ensure every model is dispatched as at the standard as if we were the receiving the item ourselves.

3. Price - our 18" Models will not be beaten on price, and then take into account further discounts through out the year. Occassionally, we have specials on aircraft models due to over supply - stay tuned for these low low prices.


Customer Service Guarantee

We pride ourselves on offering excellent quality customer service that is expected into today's marketplace. Therefore, in our office we have created a Charter for Customer Satisfaction. Your assistance enables us to rate, and improve our service to our customer base. Our Charter for Customer Satisfaction ensures that:

1. Your enquiry will be responded to within 24 hours, 365 days a year either through email or telephone.

2. Before dispatch, your model has been inspected by the artist, a well respected pilot, and two experienced aviation enthuisasts - you will see the sign off process on the package when it arrives. Insurance claims on damaged goods must be made with in 2 days of receiving your order (we will attempt to contact you before this deadline expires).

3. Your order and delivery will be tracked by one of our specialists - and regular updates provided by email. As we sell globally, we will assign a specialist working in your "day light" hours who will remain contactable throughout the shipping process. While we have no control on the speed of delivery with UPS through express post, we can certainly do the leg work and ensure you are informed of any delays.

4. Your feedback is encouraged through out the process, and you will be receive a call following delivery - you may choose to complete a short survey at this time. Your feedback is used anonymously to provide feedback and on occassions change processes to ensure continued smooth transactions.

5. We honor the 30 day money back guarantee as per our guidelines. Returns and refunds will be processed with in 24 hours of receiving the returned goods. See the Returns Policy for more information.

6. Your privacy is well protected. We never disclose your information to a third party for marketing or promotional reasons. See the Privacy Policy for more information.

To find out more about our Charter for Customer Satisfaction, or if you have questions, please contact airplane@themodelairplane.com for further information.

Current Discounts and Promotions

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1. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL MODELS - that's right, free 3 day shipping for USA, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand customers.

2. Our discount bargin bin is currently applying 15% across it's range.

3. We are expanding our product range! You will notice in the last 30 days we have added 18 new aircraft.

4. For Australian customers, please look for great deals on ebay.com.au.

5. For Philippine customers, please contact us for hot local deals! Or see our posting in the local directories.

Please contact airplane@themodelairplane.com for further information.